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Electric Car Chargers

Tired of going to electric car charge stations? Let us install your very own electric car charger in your home!

What are Electric Car Chargers?

Recessed lighting is set up inside a wall, a ceiling, or another surface. Fittings are comprised of three components, housing, trim, and bulb. The housing is the bulk of the fixture hidden inside the ceiling or the walls and comprises the fixture’s electric connections. The trim reflectors are the cosmetic, visible portion of the fixture and may include baffles, or colors. The final part is the part of the fixture, which produces light, the bulb.

Benefits of Recessed Lighting

Maximizes Ceiling Space

Recessed lighting tends to be spaced out throughout the ceiling, allowing even lighting across the area. Homeowners use lighting in living rooms, kitchens, and closets.

Modernizes Any Room

Recessed lighting is a minimalistic style, it’s clean and straightforward, while also lighting up a whole room.

Uniform Lighting & Control

Setting up a multi-light switch with recessed lighting will allow you more control.

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