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Appliance Circuits

Are you in the process of a remodel, wanting to add more electrical circuits to power home appliances?

What are Appliance Circuits?

Adding new electrical circuits can help prevent breaker trips as a result of over-powers circuits. Having an excess amount of electrical current can cause breaker damage, overheating, and fire. A great example of this is when you are using a dishwasher, toaster, and oven all at the same time, which will cause a breaker trip/fail, to prevent over-heating and to cause damage.

Benefits of Appliance Circuits

Minimize Breaker Trips

Having the right amount of electrical circuits for the proper appliances will help reduce the number of circuit failures while in use.

Allow Proper Electrical Current

Having dedicated circuits to power-hungry appliances will enable adequate functionality.

Add Additional Appliances

If you’re looking to add more appliances to your home or commercial facility, adding additional circuits will prevent overload and possible breaker trips.

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